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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hi guys! It's almost February! We're one month in the new year already, so how are your 2017 resolutions?
My biggest one was to plan and organize my life better. So to achieve that I started my Bullet Journal to have everything planned in there.

Last year I had a Happy Planner which I got from my best friend, same Planner I gave Domi for her birthday. It's much better than a traditional calendar, because of nice quotes and lovely style of Plannes, some inspiring pages. It was a great way for me to start being more systematic and organized. But then I saw those beautiful Bullet Journals on Instagram! And I decided to have one as well!
The idea of Bullet Journal is that you make it your own style and you can change it every week or month. It's 100% personalised by you, just the way you want and need in this moment. Some people like it more colorful - with doodles and lots of trackers, others - minimalistic, just tasks to do, written down with a simple fine liner. Well, I think I'm somewhere between those two styles. And that's okay, because it's personalised just for me.

Now when I'm studying a lot - I need a lot of place for tasks to do and topics to study. So I started with a very plain main page, index and a future log. The future log is to write down events which will happen in next months which you don't have in your BuJo already. Next pages are dedicated for January - starting with a monthly calendar and than weekly spread. I think my weekly spread is very simple - just to do things which I can cross off when done (it makes me more willing to do planned tasks).

For my Bullet Journal I bought a simple notebook from Tiger Stores. It has lovely mint cover and the paper inside is dotted. I also have simple black fine liner (0.4 Staedtler) to make my monthly and weekly spreads. Lately I bought Zebra Mildliners, I dreamed about for a long time! They're really amazing, I love those pastel colors - they're definitely worth the price! And now my biggest addiction... washi tapes! I already have a lot of them, but still looking for new ones...

Last few days I made the weekly spreads for February - the disadvantage is that making BuJo takes a lot of time. But still I have this time as my relax and calm down ex. in break of studying. I made a free printables for February for you, hope you'll enjoy! First page is classic minimalist "Hello February" - it always looks nice, doesn't it? Then monthly calendar for events like friend's birthdays or doctor's appointment - you'll have one look on whole month and know when you're available. Next are weekly spreads, as I said mine are simple and plain. I have seven rectangles for week days with boxes for tasks to do. On the bottom of each day there's a water tracker - eight glasses a day + fruit and veggie tracker - five fruit/veg a day. On the left side of weekly spread I always have my day tracker - with different colors of Mildliners I highlight hours of sleep, relax, school and sport, every day. The last part of my spread is Gratitude box - everyday I put there minimum one thing I appreciate about today. It's a great habit to be grateful and happy because of each day you had.

And now the part I love the most - decorating my BuJo. I love all washi tapes, they're so cute! I also have some simple stickers. You can also have some doodles, I don't feel trusted with my sketching to have some in mine.

Here's free printables for you with my February spread - hope you'll enjoy it! ---- DOWNLOAD HERE

I hope you like the post and free printables! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions and please share your Bullet Journals with us #foodiesisterspl ! Next time I'll make a post with my collections - ex. books to read and recipes to try.

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