Summer Buddha Bowl with Chickpea Burgers

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Another week, another Buddha Bowl! Those are our favorite lately and easy to make. We just choose some veggies and fruits we are craving this time and arrange our bowls. Every day you can eat other bowl and they will be always different. And what's new for today - chickpea burgers in the bowl, so even more flavours and yummies to eat!

Last time our bowls were full of raw fruit and veggies. And we craved for something warm to eat for our lunch. So why not burgers? Of course vegan, I think they're even better than a beef burger. Sorry... And our last burgers were with beetroots. Now it's time for chickpeas - it's a CLASSIC, do you know anybody who haven't tried them?

Chickpea Burgers taste good, they're mild, but have some spices. What's the most important to me in every vegan burger is the texture. I love them crispy outside, maybe even a little burnt... oops, like more brown than gold you know. And inside the burgers are smooth, it's because perfect amounts of  the ingredients.

How we make our salad bowls is the biggest FUN. One wants more kiwi, other wants more avocado. And my boyfriend doesn't like arugula, he left all of it on a plate last time... Sooo everyone has their personalised bowl, as you like it, with the best ingredients just for you.

Well, I'm that kind of person who loves almost everything and my bowls are so huge! I need this and that, maybe more tomatoes and some basil leaves, cause... why not? I like to mix tastes and okay... I also eat with my eyes and then my tummy is full. You know this, food baby... me - always...

And... I need to admit I'm the queen in my kitchen and I'm so possessive. These burgers I made with my boyfriend and I'm like don't do it this way, my way is better, and I know better, and this spoon is better. I need to fix my behaviour in the kitchen... sorry, Mati, I'll be better <3

But at the end food was delicious and Mati loves it too. He's a huge meat-lover, but he said these Chickpea Burgers are the best vegetarian burgers he's ever had. Even those we buy at our fav veggie place in Warsaw. So, guys - success! I'll be making them really often, I loved them too... a lot...! Yum.

These Burgers fit with almost everything on the plate. I wanted the bowls green, but with some contrast. We picked arugula, because I love it, and romaine lettuce. And for real, it could be any salad you want, we also like corn salad (good for me, I just learned this in english, cute name for the salad) - this one has delicate taste. More greens... and not only greens... were

AVOCADOS... yes we're big fans also,
KIWIS, for their little sweet&sour
CHERRY TOMATOES, to give some contrast to the salad,
LEMON, instead of sauce, it gives freshness,
BASIL, because it looks good and I love herbs!

Adittional we had some rice and OF COURSE our yummiest Vegan Chickpea Burgers! Yay! Here you go with the recipe. I tell you, it's easy and you'll love the effect at the end! Have fun with them and remember you can always try to make it your way. Like we do - Domi loves this cumin, which I hate... bleh... and from the next time I'll replace it with ground corriander :D


Prep time
30 min
Cook time
15 min
Total time
45 min 
Servings: 10 burgers
Recipe type: lunch, salad

Ingredients & recipe

Chickpea Burgers
200 g millet
600 g chickpea, cooked *
2 onions, diced
4 cloves garlic, sliced
3 + 3 Tbsp oil

salt, peper
1 tsp cumin *
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp oregano
2 tsp sweet pepper
½ tsp chilli powder
2 Tbsp tahini

• 3 Tbsp flaxseed *
5 Tbsp water

1.       First cook millet, in salt water about 15 minutes.
* Also cook the rice for a salad bowl.
2.       Make a flaxseed „egg”. In a small bowl mix flax seed and water. Leave for 5 minutes to thicken.
3.       Heat 3 Tbsp oil in the pan. Add onion and fry few minutes, then add garlic. Be quick, not to burn the garlic, it will be bitter otherwise.
4.       In a huge bowl combine all of the ingredients and blend.
5.       Heat 3 Tbsp oil in a pan. Form burgers with your hands and fry for about 3 minutes, each side, or until gold on medium heat.
6.       Serve hot or cold with a salad or in a bun.

Buddha Bowl Salad
2 romaine lettuce
125 g arugula
250 g cherry tomatoes
2 avocados, ripe *
4 kiwis
fresh basil leaves
2 lemons, sliced
200 g rice

7.       Cook the rice, 15 minutes.
8.       Wash veggies.
9.       Combine your bowl. First put lettuce and arugula, on top put veggies and fruit. We prefer diced avocados and sliced kiwis.
10.   Put some rice and chickpea burgers.
11.   Decorate with fresh basil leaves and lemon slices.

* * *   N o t e s   * * *

  1. Chickpea - we used canned chickpeas, because it's much quicker. But also you can cook chickpea one day before and use for burgers.
  2. Cumin - can be replaced by grounded corriander.
  3. Flaxseed egg - you can also use 2 eggs instead. But you may need to add 2-3 Tbsp breadcrumbs to get thicker texture.
  4. Avocado - sometimes there're no ripe avocados in our market. There's an easy way to solve that problem. Put avocados close to bananas, apples or tomatoes. You can even put them together in a paper bag. Avocados will be ripe in 1-2 days!
    If you like our recipe and tried it, share your photos with us #foodiesisterspl
    Have a nice day Beauties!
    Karo & Domi

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