Dark Chocolate Brownie with Whipped Cream and Cherry Jelly

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This week we have for you a lovely dessert recipe! It's a Brownie, but not the simple one. Probably all of you ate a brownie, it's easy to make and tastes delicious. Our brownie is a Next Level Brownie! There are two more layers on the cake! First is sweet whipped cream and on top is a cherry jelly we made by ourselves!

Who doesn't love CHOCOLATE?! Do you know anyone? We don't! And our brownie is based on real chocolate. That's the first thing why you'll love it. Even while cooking and melting the chocolate the smell is sooo good, our mouths were watering. And it's the same each time we make this brownie. The cake is smooth and creamy! Pure perfection.

First brownie I ate was made by Domi. She made a fit brownie with avocado inside. Well, I didn't know and well, I won't taste it if I knew. But it was really good, very creamy and was melting in my mouth. We'll give you the recipe soon. The Brwonie from this recipe is classic one, with melted chocolate, flour and eggs. And it also tastes great.

Okay, but brownie can sound boring, is it? We had our brownie with ice cream sometimes. But it's still an easy way. We wanted to have a nice cake, with layers, based on brownie. It's much easier to make a brownie than a chocolate sponge cake - ... my last two attepts with chocolate sponge cake were 100% disaster :( but I'll try more times!

1. We have our brownie. 2. The CREAM - it's really easy - just whipped cream! We had heavy cream with sugar and just mixed it. It's fluffy and sweet - I love it!!! and 3. it's CHERRY JELLY !!! The best ! Well, I think this cake is maybe like an easy version of BLACK FORREST CAKE for begginers... okay. So going back to the jelly. We had canned cherries, because that's easier and you can buy them in every season of the year. They're always in a sauce which we used for jelly. And that's it!

Our family fall in love with this simple cake. You don't really put a lot effort here and you have a lovely cake with three layers. They fit great together. And remember about the chocolate here! It's the best part, who doesn't like chocolate cakes...?

It's a great recipe for everyday dessert, but also for a party with friend or family. I can bet, they will love it!


Prep time
20 min
Cook time
25 min
Total time
45 min 
Servings: 8-10 slices
Recipe type: dessert

Ingredients & instructions

Dark chocolate brownie
180 g butter
300 g dark chocolate
3 eggs, scrambled not beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
220 g sugar
100 g plain flour, sifted
½ tsp baking powder

1.       In a small saucepan melt the butter and dark chocolate, mixing well not to burn it.
2.       Put the scrambled eggs, vanilla extract and sugar in a medium bowl and combine together. Then mix in the melted dark chocolate.
3.       Sift into the mixture flour and baking powder, mix everything together.
4.       Pour the mixture into a prepared baking form 35x25 cm and bake in 160˚C for 25 minutes.

Vanilla whipped cream
250 g mascarpone
600 ml whipping cream
vanilla bean seeds
3 Tbsp sugar
2 cream thickener
1 Tbsp potato starch

5.       In a medium size bowl mix all of the ingredients in correct order.

Cherry jelly filling
2 ½ tsp gelatin
4 Tbsp water
cherry juice
350 g cherries
3 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp potato starch + 1 Tbsp water, stir in together

6.       Place the gelatin in a small cup and cover with water, leave it to set to a gel.
7.       Using a small saucepan put in the cherries, cherry juice and heat up until the sugar melts.
8.       Add in the lemon juice and the mixture of potato starch and water, bring it to boil.
9.       Take the pan off the heat and it’s now time to add the gelatin – gel.
10.   Put it back on the heat, let it dissolve, but be careful not to boil.
11.   Place the jelly in the fridge and keep it there until 30 minutes before serving.
12.   Assemble the brownie adding on top the vanilla whipped cream and cherry jelly.

    We hope you'll like this cake as we do. If you have any questions or you want to share your opinion with us, comment below or share your photo with #foodiesisterspl
    Karo & Domi

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