Fall and Life Update

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Hello there! We finally have fall in Poland, it's official. Except for holidays and Christmas there's nothing that makes me more happy than autumn. One of the most magical seasons of the year, when the leaves change colour, you get to have your cosy nights in with hot chocolate under layers of sweaters. Who could want more? I mean you have to live off of eating something that's why we're here to provide you delicious and healthy meals. But don't worry we have in plans a lot more desserts for you.

Usually you associate autumn with pumpkins, hot chocolate, spices, ex. cinnamon, cardamom, and tons of soups and cosy food. That's what you're going to find here quite soon and I promise you won't get your hopes up. 
At the same time quite a few of our friends asked us for easy, quick and student friendly recipes. We'll try to incorporate that into our schedule and hopefully put out some of them for you.

Of course not everything is as easy as it seems. We both have to find a balance between studying, working as an intern, personal life and blogging. As you can see we haven't had that much time already, but you can be expecting a lot of new content from us. Hint: it may not only be food related.

As to an update for us - there's a lot happening right now. I'm studying my last year of Food Technology and Karo is working as an intern in Dentistry. We're both pretty busy, since it's already exams time for me. You can say we're two little busy bees. 

You can see the photos have been taken about 2 weeks ago, when the weather was giving us major sun time. Unfortunately now all we have outside are cloudy skies and very strong wind. The clocks have gone back and it gets dark already at 4pm. Although the weather is not the best we try to make the most of every day. We're currently still binge watching Stranger Things season 2 and loving it way too much!

We have to face with the fact that it's getting colder outside, so we're in full mode of changing wardrobes from light clothes to cosy and warm sweaters and flannels.

We're planning lots more recipes and posts for you soon so keep tuned! Thank you for the support.
Karo & Domi xx

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