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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hey! Today I want to tell you about some restaurants in Gdańsk and Sopot. Our summer holidays are unfortunately over now. But it was really good. This year Mati and I went to Gdańsk for 5 days in September. The weather was nice and sunny, but there was not that warm as probably in August. We went there to chill, take a breath from everyday life in a big city, we visited some museums and also, what's very important on every trip to try good food in nice restaurants.

I have the huge love to check out new restaurants, new places and new food. Maybe that's because we don't really often go out in Warsaw and mostly cook at home, or sometimes order food to home. But it's different on holidays. This year we went to the seaside. First idea were mountains, also in Poland, buut I wasn't sure about weather there in September. So we went to the sunny sea, only our last day was rainy, it was raining the whole day, and my sneakers were 100% wet.

We went to Gdańsk and guess what, after we came back they announced in Telegraph Gdańsk is on the first place of their European cities list you should visit! Checked!
We didn't have huge plan what we're going to do there. We had museums on our list, some nice restaurants and we wanted to go to the sea, obviously.

What I want to share with you mostly are the restaurants we visited in Gdańsk and also in Sopot, where we went for two days. And I can recommend almost all of the places we were at. The time we've spent there was really nice. The food delicious. I tried to list the restaurants from the best ones. But it's not that easy. Some are more elegant, some more like fast food or to go. But I'm sure you'll find something for yourself on my list.

1. Thao Thai Fusion

This is my number one. We haven't had this one on our list to go. But on our first day when we walked by, I said we have to go there! The next day we went there for our dinner. First as we went inside, we payed attention to decor. The restaurant is medium size, the walls are dark. There's few tables and we chose the one by the huge window so we can look on the street. The inside of the restaurant is elegant and there's a nice atmosphere, it's also quiet. I can say it's a great place for a date, or dinner for two.
The menu is nice, there's good quantity of dishes, with beef, chicken, pork, some soups and dishes for kids. But as always, I couldn't really decide what I want. And I would forget, they have also seafood, so I didn't really know what would be better.

Finally I decided to have Tom Yum Soup first. Wow, that one was amazing. I was smiling to my soup all the time. It was with chicken, coconut milk, ginger and lemon grass. And when you give me something with coconut milk, I'm in love. But this one was the best I've ever had. And it was really spicy. In the menu they note the spice level from 1 to 3 chili peppers, I chose one and it was enough. So if you're not a hot and spicy food lover, don't try option 2 and 3 peppers.
For a main dish we had Pad Thai with prawns. This one was very good. And the portion was huge, I didn't eat it all. I can recommend you this one. It wasn't that spicy, but really delicious. It was more like thai food I've had before.

My note - food - 10/10
My note - atmosphere - 9/10

2. Czarna Owca by Lula

My second choice is Czarna Owca, what means black sheep. They have second place for the food. I really liked it and the prices were good. Their special dish is lamb meat and probably that's what's fancy there. The food is good, like in most places where they focus on one kind of food.
The decor is nice, colorful and modern. There're some paintings on the walls and sofas beside the windows. What we didn't like was quite loud music and loud conversations we heard from the kitchen.
But the menu is nice, you can choose something classic or more rare for you. We had ravioli with lamb and walnuts and second was pappardelle with pork tenderloin. What's funny the ravioli were BLACK! I loved it, that's a nice idea I love those black pasta. And it was very delicious. It was served with some sprouts and horseradish espuma. It was a nice change of tastes, but very delicate.
Pappardelle was very nice too, it has a nice color, resembling to light orange, because of smoked paprika. And the sauce was very good too, creamy with wine and bacon.

I can say we were satisfied with the food and wine we had. But there was no atmosphere. We didn't feel good in there, and for me - I wanted to go out quickly. But the food is delicious! You can go there and try, but maybe go for a quick visit.

My note - food - 7/10
My note - atmosphere - 4/10

3. Bar Przystań

And finally the fish. As we went to the sea I said we MUST eat fresh fish. We found this restaurant online, before going. It had good opinions. We went to Sopot by train and had a walk on the beach, along the sea. The restaurant is something like a house with big glass windows. There're some tables outside, inside and on the top floor is a sunroof with tables too.

We were standing in a huge line to order the food - there's a self service - and it took ONE HOUR! wow... But for me, it was worth it! We had fried codfish fillet with fries and coleslaw. It was delicious and fresh. I really liked it and would recommend it to you. But Mati wasn't any full with it. But the prices are very resonable.
You should try fish here, when you'll be in Sopot, it's worth to wait even an hour. The minus was some mess with leftovers on the sunroof. But the view was nice, onto the beach and sea.

My note - food - 9/10
My note - atmosphere - 7/10

4. Lookier

Our last day in Gdańsk was very rainy. While walking in the Old Town, we got a bit cold. We wanted to sit in a nice place and drink hot coffee. And Mati saw this restaurant - Lookier. It looks very colorful, but classy. It was what pulled me in, because you can drink coffee anywhere, but in a place like this, you think it must be delicious!
The menu is really big, they have breakfasts, dinners, desserts, coffee of course and what suprised us, in a good way, they have a nice amount of fresh smoothies and also some alcoholic drinks and beer. And I must say the tastes are new to me and odd.

I had coffee with coconut syrup and an apple cake. It was just amazing. The cake was served so beautiful, as you can see on the photo. And for this smell of hot apples, fresh citrus and cinnamon I could die, really! Wow! Coffee was also good, delicate and sweet. Mati had a smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, apple and honey. And again it was served so nice and it tasted great, very fresh.
I don't know how another dishes would taste, but I would try them too. The place is really nice. And they won me with this apple cake. One of the bests I've ever ate <3

My note - food - 10/10
My note - atmosphere - 8/10 (because there's tv with music, I didn't like it)

5. Cafe Libertas

We found this cafe on the Internet, before our trip. We walked by and it looks nice outside, I liked how this place was lighten up from outside. We had to go there! We went to the Cafe Libertas in the evening, for a coffee only. The place is styled like the olden days, it's elegant and little dark there. It makes private atmosphere and you feel cozy there. They have coffees and tee with different tastes, you can try new, or classic as you like. Also it ended up with a cake. We had a chocolate cake with choco mousse and cherries. I promised to just try it, but I ate almost half of it, it was sooooo good! 100% you should go there, I'll go for sure.

My note - food - 10/10
My note - atmosphere - 9/10

6. Green Way

Okay, not everyone might like it. But we did. A lot. First time we were in this vegetarian bar in Olsztyn few years ago and we fell in love with their food. We looked for this one in Warsaw, but they closed it :( They have one in Sopot and we had to go there.
The place is nice, simple decor. In Green Way there's self service, but the staff is kind and helpful. They have lots of food - vegan, vegetarian and also some gluten free dishes. We had kofta, as always I must say. Those are cheese balls with tomato sauce and brown rice served with salads. We also had pineapple juice and carrot juice.

Maybe their food doesn't look very nice, it's a bar, you know. But the portions are huge! And really cheap. The food is always fresh and delicious. Juices were very good, the freshness is amazing, adding to this big plate of food. We were totally full. I think you should try it, at least once, to have your opinion and maybe you'll like vegan food too.

My note - food - 10/10
My note - atmosphere - 7/10

7. Pasta House

It's number seven, almost the end of my list. But I don't really know how to grade it properly, sorry. Because this one was very delicious. But it's other kind of a place then those before. It's a small bar with three or four tables only. They mostly serve food to go, but you can eat it inside too.
That was our last meal in Gdańsk before we went back home. We wanted something fast. And it was a good choice. We had bucatini pasta with simple bolognese sauce. The portion was right for us, not too small not too big. But you can ask for a bigger one too. We waited only 5 minutes and had our food ready. Served in a paper box as to go, but we ate it inside. The pasta was hot and tasted good. Bolognese sauce was simple, nothing more. And what's more they have really low prices. I'd go there again for sure. It's better than fast food.

My note - food - 8/10
My note - atmosphere - 7/10

8. Original Burger

This one is on the last place of the list. And it's the right place, sorry. We were sooo hungry when we went there and we were waiting for something big and delicious. But I was so disappointed :( The place looks very nice from outside, there're some tables outside. Also decor inside is great, it's american styled with seats from old cars instead of chairs. I liked the design inside, I was charmed. We ordered two burgers with fries and coleslaw.

First burger Montecristo with bacon, guacamole, chipotle sauce and arugula. And second Papa Bear which should be twice bigger. And I don't know if it really was. Both were very spicy, too much spicy. Meat was dry, I felt only the chipotle sauce. Fries were okay and coleslaw wasn't good too. It was just red cabbage with parsley, sorry but I like the one with mayo. I won't recommend this place, it was the worst burger I've had. Okay, it wasn't baaad, but I ate maybe too much really delicious ones.

My note - food - 5/10
My note - atmosphere - 8/10
*   *   *

And this is the end of my list with places in Gdańsk and Sopot. I recommend you most of them. I'm really happy with our trip. It was a lovely time for just the two of us. Hope I'll have another trip like this soon.
We also cooked some suppers in our apartment. We had a lot of fun then and we spend nice time while cooking and drinking some wine. A perfect holiday I must say!

Karo & Domi

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