Two Days, Three Cities in Belgium

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Hi guys! Long time no post.. we're really sorry about that, but we got totally caught up in uni and everyday chores. Today's post is Domi's review of trip to Belgium. It's different to food recipes you're used to see on our blog but we hope you'll enjoy!

About a week ago I finally got to relax from learning and constant worrying about uni stuff, at least for two days. Together with my best friend we got away for a weekend trip to Belgium that both of us were really excited about. 


In the beginning the plan was to go just to Brussels, but we decided to also visit Ghent and Bruges. Two days, three cities who says it cannot be done? We planned to first get from Charleroi Airport to Bruges, then Ghent and finally Brussels. All of those cities are absolutely amazing and beautiful, but what made me fall in love with those small cities that you'd normally not pick for your holiday destination were small roads, canals and hidden cafe gems and overall beauty!

Usually when we go to a new city first thing to do is visit museums, art galleries and learn something more about the history and people, this time we wanted to relax and take it all in by walking around everywhere and finding what usual tourist wouldn't see. The only place we visited was Magritte's Museum, which I highly recommend especially for art enthusiasts. 

I was really surprised how nice and helpful all of the people in Belgium are! Most of them were willing to help us with directions or anything else, you know there are always some exceptions but they were really something different to people we meet on daily basis. Although there was a small language barrier between us and some people we met, but you can easily come to an understanding.


Of course the best moments were food related! Haha, when you go to Belgium you should definitely try famous Belgian chocolate, fries and beer - only if you're over drinking age ;). Every corner you turn there are confectionaries and chocolate shops it's pretty amazing if you ask me, though I would probably spend all my money on it if I moved to Belgium. People don't lie when they say that you should try their fries, they are totally different to the usual ones and taste even better in sunny weather on the city square filled with other tourists!

Overall I'd highly recommend you visiting Belgium and going to other cities than Brussels, it's worth seeing but there's not that much to see and overfilled with people. You definitely won't get bored there, and we were also lucky to get first sunny weather and opportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy our time off!

Thank you so much for reading! We'll come back at you with some new recipes, for now if you have any questions about the trip our ask box is always open for you!
Domi xx

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